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Level 5 Global Consulting Group


Level 5 Global Consulting Group provides a range of services to public and private sector organizations, with particular emphasis on:

  • Strategic/Business Planning
  • Strategic/Operational Reviews
  • Human Resource Surveys
  • Human Resource Services

Specific services are provided either by our own staff or networked with other consultants with that particular expertise.

We provide management consulting services that integrate human resource strategies with the strategic and operational goals of organizations. We tailor our approach to meet individual client's requirements. This means that we address the specific needs of the project and take into account the unique nature of our client's organization, including organizational culture and values, style and attitude of employees, nature of the business, and thorough broad environment within which our client operates. By adopting this approach, our clients find that the diagnosis of problems is accurate and commitment to implementation of solutions is strong.

Benefits of Level 5

  • We deliver client appropriate solutions to problems/opportunities that are accurately defined.
  • We use consultative processes that involve client staff and hence create a strong sense of ownership in the outcomes.
  • We offer cost-effective, high value added services.
  • We can nominate referees who can comment about our services, our attitude and, most importantly, our reliability. We can be trusted to deliver within budget and on time.
  • We have the capability to provide innovative solutions through research and development.

Recent assignments that illustrate our expertise include

  • Psychological appraisals to assist a number of organizations in selection processes;
  • Development of a job evaluation process to enable apparent classification inequities to be resolved;
  • Development of strategic and business plans for a significant business unit;
  • Recruitment of operators for an organization undertaking its annual intake;
  • Assessment of current attitudes to safety in a number of organizations and development of strategies and actions to change attitudes; and
  • Review of all business functions for all industries and practices.


Toll Free: 877-248-0742
Telephone: 202-340-4666

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