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For many manufacturers, the demands of meeting rising customer expectations and lowering production costs in an environment of more products, more complexity, and more choice is placing great stress on the effectiveness of their planning and scheduling processes.

Organizations have already adopted L5 solutions with varying degrees of planning and scheduling capabilities. Yet, operations executives acknowledge that these same systems are becoming outdated, lacking the speed, flexibility, and responsiveness to manage their increasingly complex production environments.

They know that as businesses grow their operations, expand their product range, and adopt a global manufacturing supply chain, they must also seek alternatives to the current ways of doing things if they are to remain competitive and responsive to customer needs.

But to what extent can technology make a difference? And what choices do business executives have? Should they be taking the latest upgrade from their L5 system or are there benefits in "best of breed" planning and scheduling technologies? Are there differences if the manufacturing operation bakes cookies or builds the ovens that the cookies are baked in? And how does it all fit in? Are we keeping up with our industry's inovations in and implementation of "green technology?

How much green technology has been integrated into a company’s way of doing business is having an increasing impact on how they are perceived by the local community. How green are you? “Being green” can mean different things to different industries. It encompasses numerous concepts and technologies, such as alternative energy usage, recycling, using recycled materials as a standard practice, reducing waste and pollution, and more. It basically states how environmentally friendly your company’s operation is in all the ways it operates. How can you become more green in your operation? How green is green enough? What are the government’s green requirements?

Level 5 Global Consulting Group can answer these questions for you and your company. We are more than just your consultant, we are the best consultants available, and we consider our clients to be our partners, as well as our friends. Our goal is not to make money from you but to make money with you. We succeed as we help you succeed. We will consult your corporate business concerning your structure, management, restructuring, refinancing, HR needs, and hiring mid-management positions and executive positions. We are simply a full-service corporate consulting group.

It is our guarantee to you that we will deliver on every single service that you would like our help with. Contact one of our representatives today, so we can begin keeping your company on the right track or getting your company back on that track.

The Mission of Level 5 Global

  • To have a strong, positive impact on the business community at large by operating our business with the utmost of integrity, compassion and honor.
  • To equip and empower our clients to be leaders in their industry, operating all areas of their business with confidence and professionalism.
  • To guide our clients in maximizing the implementation of Green Technology into their business operations.
  • To ensure our clients’ short term and long term profitability.


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